One Social Being


         I’m suck at making friends. Sorry, but suck has always been one of my favorite words. It’s been long that I realize not only suck at making friends, I’m suck at putting things together to sentences. So be it.

            My college life was the only moment I did think I was finally able to make some. That’s the time when I somehow thought I was attached to someone else, I felt right with others. We were so close, or at least, that’s what I thought back then. We did think together until we didn’t. While the small circle was all I had, I was left behind. I started to lose sight of what they were doing, to find myself uninvited on their shared fun and activities, and to question myself; “are we really that close to begin with?”

            Sound sad, doesn’t it? But, no. At the moment I was nothing, but clouded. As I thought deeper and clearer about what was happening, I didn’t find a single thing going in a wrong direction. The one thing I forgot back when all of them happening was that people do things to get themselves satisfied. That’s that. We act based on what we need. We’ve always been. Nothing is wrong to begin with. It’s not about what is right and what is wrong after all. It is just that people prioritize their needs differently, and I was in no position to fulfill their top-priority needs back then.

            We humans are social beings. We reach out to each other for simply the sake of fun and jokes. We find people to help ourselves getting done with stuffs. We associate with someone for companionship, and else. Perhaps, some people may fulfill all of the needs within a small circle while, some other time, they may need a larger one. And both are cool.

            Then, I do believe being close does not necessarily mean that a group of people need to keep in touch all the time. Anyway, no matter how close people are to each other, does it mean they share the same needs? And how they put their top-priority? Is it all in the same order? If they don’t reach out to you, it’s okay. It just means that they have something to deal with without yourself. Well, we don’t exactly know what people really need to get done. And it’s okay. We don’t need to know every single thing about people’s stuffs, aren’t we? Then again, if you need someone, reach them out. It still is cool anyway.

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